About Us

AQUA RO was established to supply high quality water treatment systems and accessories. We are specialized in customized REVERSE OSMOSIS water systems. And RO+UV+UF+AF disinfection water treatment systems. AQUA RO was recognized India as a label for high quality products and value. We believe here at AQUA RO that we are a company with honesty and integrity built in to everything we do, AQUA RO is a new-age water purifier brand from India. We have taken a challenge to provide 100% pure and healthy water to every home, etc..,

Many a time, water appears to be clean and safe, so we assume it’s fit for consumption, However, Nearly 2,00,000 people die in India. Every year due to water borne diseases. Drinking water is sometimes contaminated with Ammonia, Fluoride, Arsenic, Nitrates, Iron, Salinates, Feces, Which human eye cannot see and does not get purified by using filters or boiling water.

This Technology also used by many International bottling plants that require Ultra-refined, Pure water. Now this advanced technology comes right to your homes to gives you pure and 100% safe drinking water without mixing purified with Impure water in TDS. It purifies water while persistently maintain natural minerals essential for human body.

We believe that customer satisfaction should be our highest priority ensuring you get the very best from us for this reason we have a team of trained people ready to assist our esteemed customers throughout the path.

Our goal is to deliver the excellent water treatment system which comes with high quality and good price.


Produce a product that will lead to protect your family.


Our mission is to provide the highest standard of products and services in the water treatment industry. Therefore through our commitment, our customers can be assured that their future water filteration requirements will be met with state of the art solutions.