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Reverse Osmosis , also known as hyper filtration , is the finest filtration process known till date. The process ensures removal of particles as small as ions from a solution. Reverse Osmosis process uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove salts from potable or brackish water. In Reverse Osmosis , water pressure is applied to the inlet Impure water resulting in to the squeezing of pure water from concentrated end of membrane towards the diluted end. Dissolved salts present in water in the form of charged ions get repelled by the RO membrane and are not allowed to pass through. Similarly, bacteria and germs are also blocked by the Ultra fine pores of RO membrane . These ejected impurities , suspended on the concentrated end of the membrane , are then washed away as a stream of waste water thus preventing the membrane from clogging.


  • Step 1 : Pre Filter : 5 micron Pre Filter removes sediments and other suspended impurities and ensues efficient working of the RO membrane.
  • Step 2 : A 5micron Polypropylene Filter removes sediments, dirt and other particles 8 times smaller than you can see and upgrades the water quality , it also improves the membrane life.
  • Step 3 : Pre Carbon Filter: Activated carbon Block Filter, removes chlorine as the water flows through the filter. Also prevents damage to the membrane.
  • Step 4 : RO membrane : A semi-permeable RO membrane with 0.0001 micron hole, the total dissolved content of minerals is reduced by as much as 90%.
    RO Technology is an effective way to remove heavy metals and chemicals.
  • Step 5 : Post Carbon Filter : [Available in select models only ] Post carbon filter removes bad taste and odour ,enhancing water taste.
  • Step 6 : UV [Available in select models only ] Ultra Violet Rays will kills bacteria , virus and other micro-organisms .
  • Step 7 : UF[Available in select models only ] The stage filters , the sediment particles and water-borne, micro-organisms such as bacteria , virus and other tiny particles etc…,
  • Step 8 : ALKALINE FILTER : [Available in select models only] Alkaline filter is applicable for post treatment of RO system it adds essential minerals which are generally removed by the RO. Plant during the purification process. Further , it increases the dissolved oxygen, PH and alkalinity of water and it reduce ORP, Decrease NMR, and remove free radicals.